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Navigating the Fujairah Family Visa Process: Application

Updated: Feb 4

Understanding the process for applying for, renewing, and canceling a family visa in Fujairah is crucial for residents in Dubai and other Emirates. This guide, brought to you by the Amazon attestation office, will walk you through the necessary steps and required documents, ensuring a smooth experience.

Fujairah Family Visa Required Documents:

The first step in the family visa process involves gathering all necessary documents. This typically includes:

  • Passport copies of the sponsor and family members.

  • Passport-sized photographs.

  • Proof of family relationship (marriage certificate for spouses, birth certificates for children).

  • Salary certificate or employment contract of the sponsor.

  • Tenancy contract and latest utility bill.

Fujairah Attestation of Documents:

Document attestation is a key component. All foreign-issued documents must be attested by:

  • The issuing country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • The UAE Embassy in the issuing country.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Amazon attestation office can assist with this process.

Fujairah Medical Fitness Test and Emirates ID Application:

All family visa applicants aged 18 and above must undergo a medical fitness test at a government-approved health center in the UAE. Additionally, an Emirates ID application must be submitted simultaneously.

Fujairah Health Insurance:

Health insurance is mandatory for all residents in the UAE. Ensure that your family members are covered under a suitable health insurance plan before proceeding with the visa application.

Fujairah Visa Stamping:

Once all previous steps are completed, the final step is visa stamping. This involves submitting the passport and other documents to the immigration authority for the visa to be stamped on the passport.

Our Services at Amazon Attestation Office:

We specialize in assisting with the family visa process, and offering services for new applications, renewals, and cancellations. Our expertise covers all Emirates, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Why Choose Us?
  • Expert guidance on each step of the visa process.

  • Assistance with document attestation and submission.

  • Support for medical and Emirates ID applications.

  • Streamlined and hassle-free service experience.

Contact Us for Expert Guidance:

For more information or to start your family visa process:

  • Phone: +97143300011

  • WhatsApp: +971 50 794 2260


Applying, renewing, or canceling a family visa in Fujairah doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right guidance and support from the Amazon attestation office, you can navigate this process smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today for expert assistance!

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